Alfred and The Hit List

I think my mind is made up. Just to many reason why I like The Hit List.

I’ve also been playing with Alfred a lot more. Trying to really get into the power of it.

One thing I did look up was how to add items to The Hit List from Alfred. You can, it’s pretty easy but I’ll make it even easier. To totally rip off the work of the Alfred guys and some hints from jga I put together this zip to help.

So if you have the Alfred Powerpack and are on Alfred 0.9 release, download and unzip it and copy the ‘task’ folder to ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/extensions/scripts/ in your home folder, then envoke Alfred and type ‘reload’

You can even give items context with the @ and tags with the /

  • task Pick Up Milk /grocery #onthewayhome