Boring Place

The internet is a really boring place.

via A geek with a hat » The end of my internet diet experiment.

Don’t agree with all of the post but the above statement stands out and I 100% agree.

I’ve been spending less and less time online, work on the farm has been far more enjoyable. Kinda like therapy! Now when I sit at the computer I can’t find much to do and wonder how I ever spent so much time online. Funny though I’m probably blogging more. Still find value in longer form writing, more for me maybe but…

I’ve little interest to idle on Twitter and Facebook holds my attention even less. I don’t even check Google Reader much anymore. With my setup on the Kindle 3 and KindleFeeder/Instapaper I catch up on most of my news/blog just before bed. Reading instead of TV. Always liked reading on the Kindle better then anywhere else and I find for those longer article I used to skim over on the computer or iPad I actually read all of and get a lot more out of them. Aside from having the Mac Mini in the basement serving out media, mostly music to all the wireless speakers and a little video to the AppleTV, I barely touch a computer at the house.

I’m simplifying and I feel great about it!