Dear @ShawDirect_News your VOD “service” is making you look SO bad.

Your movies  have to pay for. I get that but, I can do that on my AppleTV and WATCH IT ON MY TV!!!! We do that vary rarely, usually we just watch stuff on Netflix but the odd time we’ll pay for something more current. Mostly because it’s convenient, we can’t find anything that fits our mood on Netflix and that remote is already in our hands.

For TV shows I can only watch the last couple weeks stuff. I get that you can’t help that but, for one, you “Most Popular” list is literally all shows I can’t watch right now. That is a major problem, don’t show me what I can’t watch. I get the if that was the case there wouldn’t be much there. Suck it up, that’s less aggravating for the users and it should be your weapon when you go to the content suppliers. Show them what their making your service look like!

And please get your paradigm into the freaking 90’s. I shouldn’t have to go through an order and checkout process to stream free stuff. From the main page it is a minimum of 7 clicks until there is video playing for a free episode, on Netflix I can start a lot of things on one click.Hell, I should have to go through that to BUY stuff. If it’s free just have a button that says “Watch”, and when I click that button guess what should happen! For the paid stuff, the same button with a price on it, the a confirmation when I click then it should play. Netflix and AppleTV should be what you model.

And you keep wondering why people use BitTorrent. Make this easy and we’ll use it!