Epic Run

So, I’m into running. You probably haven’t been able to miss that. A few friends have got the idea in my head to up my entrance into the Forest City Road Race from the 5K to the Half Marathon. I started figuring I could do it and wanted to test the waters. Started out with a 15K run Thursday, it went well. Sore afterwards but, thats expected.

For some reason today I decided to try the total distance. 21.1K! I planned my route, filled my water bottles and laced up my shoes. Three hours nine minutes and 26 seconds later and I’m done, just a little more then the half.

It was quite a feat. There were ups and down. At times I felt great, at times I felt like I was going to cry, there was even a time or two I wasn’t sure I’d live to tell the tale. I didn’t run the whole way, I actually had to stop and sit down twice. But, in the end I made the distance and I don’t feel bad about my time and I don’t regret it one bit. Sure I’m sore in places I didn’t think I could be but I did it.

Thanks to everyone who helped by sending love on Twitter and Facebook, more then a few times it was at a very helpful point in the run. There were too many to name but you all know who you are.

With a few more weeks of training I think I’ll be ready to run it officially.

And now to end this adventure like all good ones should, it’s time for a hot bath!!

PS. Sorry there’s no links, as you can imagine I’m freaking beat.