Gearing Up For Growth Part 1

First I’d like to say a big thanks to the LEDC for inviting me to TechAlliances Gearing Up For Growth conference yesterday. It was a great day, some interesting speakers that really had me engaged more then I though I would be. I made a few notes, mostly during the bigger group sessions that I’d like to share. I’ll break them up into three separate posts. If I put them all in one it may get a bit long and I think that my thoughts on each probably stand as separate thoughts anyways.

Kicking off the day was Robert Herjavec. He’s fairly well know, especially in Canada, and I was excited to hear him. I had an impression of him of a fairly well off but down to earth type guy. The video off the top of his speech kinda killed that for me. It just seamed overdone and arrogant. He certainly isn’t and I don’t know why he uses it.

Aside from that the talk was great. Fairly inspiring. I loved the stories about being on Dragons Den and Shark Tank. It was cool to hear about the differences in how the two shows are put together. Being the same format and all. Without trying to offend anyone it made me a bit more proud to be Canadian (those that were there will get it).

What really stuck with me from what he had to say was the idea that I have seen reoccurring lately. After having come to Canada at age 7 with $20 to the family’s name he has been very successful. What’s your excuse? Almost everyone in Canada is starting out from such an advantage stop blaming this or that and work hard at something you love and you’ll make it. I think that’s the biggest problem, no one wants to put the time in. They want it all now and they’d like it handed to them instead of having to get up at 5am to work for it.