It’s a race

I was a fan of Things when I was basically just on one Mac. I use to run my life on a MacBookPro. It was time to put it out to pasture so I switched to an Air for travel, PC at work and MacMini at home. So happy with the setup.

When I retired my MacBookPro, the machine I used everywhere and used to sync my iPhone (hence Things) with, I looked at other options. Nothing was as good (read:usable and drop dead georgeous) as Things but, Remember the Milk worked. Sure it came with a fee, it was U.G.L.Y. but it syned and as a plus I could get to it on my PC.

So I’m OK not having my stuff on the PC at work as I have my iPhone. Most of my tasks at work done get into my task list. Day job stuff is a little more structured. What I need is  my tasks on the Air, Mini and iPhone.

So along comes The Hit List.

Now it’s a race. I want to see the iPhone app before I spend another $50 on the desktop version and $10 on the iPhone version. Money I really don’t want to spend but it’s getting very hard to wait.

So will that get approved before Things get’s OTA sync?

The Race is on!