Mornings Like These

It’s mornings like these that I wish coffee was more then a pleasure drink for me. Caffeine doesn’t do much to me. Great for when I feel like a pot at 8pm, not so much when I need a perk up. Say what you will about tolerance, I’ve tested out not drinking any for weeks then binging to no noticeable effect.

Up for 20 hours then three and a bit hours of sleep, not even a good sleep, just don’t cut it for me. I felt OK when I got up but the crash came quick. I might need to nap on my desk, can’t say for sure how I’d do on the ride home.

Either way in a week I wont remember this part. The Girl Talk show last night was about the most awesome show I’ve been to since my last Uncle Seth show! It. Was. CRAZY! So glad I didn’t bail. Doubt he’ll be back in London but go out of your way to see him!