Thesis 1.8 and WordPress 3.2

Just held my breath after a WordPress backup and hit update. Couldn’t find any documentation to say that the new version of WordPress (3.2) and the current version of Thesis (1.8) played nicely together. Being that I like to run with scissors every now and again I took the plunge.

Everything seams to be working fine. So I’ll make the statement. WordPress 3.2 and Thesis work together </google bait>. The new dashboard looks nice, although I rarely see it. Maybe I will more now with this sweet new fullscreen new post thing. If you make Chrome go full screen (Shift + Cmd + F) it gets about 99% of the way to most of these distraction free writing environments that are all the rave right now. That and with WP’s auto-save functions it makes for a much nicer platform.

Now I just need to work on the bookmarklet so I can do my link posts easier!