Wunderlist – My Two Cents

“I’ve compiled a list of the UI quirks which makes Wunderlist so awkward on the Mac OS desktop. aspiring app designers, take note: ignore user experience at your own peril.”

via Pretty pictures don’t make an app – how Wunderlist mistakes GFX for UX..

I wasn’t a big fan of the design but I didn’t have this much objection to it. My gripe was the account management. You don’t actually sign up, you just give it an email and password and it makes an account. When I set it up on my Mac, then my PC, then my iPhone, something went bad and deleted all the tasks I had moved into the app. I think there should ALWAYS be a very explicit account creation. Yes, they’re trying to make it flow better but, when a technical user goes with the flow and gets burned, somethings wrong.