The Grass is always Green When You water.

No matter which side of the fence you are on, you can make the grass greener. So often I see friends, family and people I know, through business or personal, keep moving around from job to job or profession to profession but they never get anywhere. I think the reason goes back to the old saying “The Grass is Always Greener on The Other Side.”

Handyman with wrench

.While it’s true it always seams that way, I ofter think about how nice it would be to be doing something different, such is often not the case. You look back at our grandparents generation that quite often had one job their whole life, they started there out of high school sweeping floors and taking out the trash and they had a big retirement party after spending a few years in management after climbing the ladder for years..Contrast this to today when people are changing jobs seemingly every other week. What happened to moving up the chain and earning raises as well as seniority? Compound this with the endless string of “Handy Men” that span every profession. “Jack of All Trades, Master of None” seams to come to mind as well. They muck around and make a bit of money doing whatever they want but in my opinion they usually get the job done in the worst way possible..Don’t get me wrong, Handy Men have their place when you want a piece of your deck replaced or a patch in your drywall but ofter they get asked to do a job that a professional should do. My point in all this that in general people need to focus on their jobs and cultivating their own speciality in it..To relate it back to my original thought water your grass to make it greener and stick to your own side of the fence!