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We all used to highly value people who subscribe to our blog and podcasts. That was where we put all our efforts, if getting them to subscribe. To marketers that automatic delivery increases the value. But, there is something to be said for someone who may not be technically savvy enough to use RSS, or not want to get more email they’ll have to deal with, that is willing to devote enough brain space to remember to check your site every day for new content!


So Things 2 is out. Nice that its an update to the old versions and I didn’t have to pay.

The much awaited Cloud Sync is in there but continuing on their trend of being behind now I want/need location, geo fencing, in the app!

Wanna Learn A Thing, Maybe Two?

I’ll be putting on a troubleshooting session at PodCamp Toronto this year. The title that I came up with, then promptly forgot is “Help! I Have This Mic and I Don’t Know How To Use It!” Hope a few people will bring their gear and we can figure out how to give tips on getting better sound out of it. If you’ll be at pcto ping me and we’ll chat!

Local and Paleo

This is a great video that does a good job covering almost all the points I’ve had argued against going Paleo.

(Via /r/Paleo)


It doesn’t explicitly state that it’s probably a good way to help spread the wealth to the “little guy”. Buying food to match a Paleo lifestyle means you’ll be buying from local independent farmers who save their own seeds and don’t spend money on toxic crap to spread on what you are going to eat.

That is becoming more and more important, especially here in London!