Web Dev on an Air

“First and foremost: I miss the backlit keyboard.”

via Using a MacBook Air for Web Development – Monday By Noon.

Partly just adding fuel to the fire for Will here.

I honestly thought I’d miss it too but, I don’t. I kinda forgot about the feature until after my purchase realized it a week later noticing that I didn’t miss it. I think my use has changed over the last year. I used to do a lot on the couch at night behind the TV. Now I do a lot more things (ie running) at night, sometimes just sitting outside with flesh and blood people.

Either way rumour is the next version will have the feature. Nice to have but I’ll be in no hurry to upgrade.

Oh and I did build the CastRoller App, albeit a small app, in xcode and it took seconds. Bet it’s not a huge deal to write apps on this thing.