An Idea For Twitter

I had a cool idea on how Twitter can make some money, possibly lots, and take care of some of the user name squatters out there!So look at the user names of some of the business users. For example @lfpress, is the account the London Free Press puts news on but DanAtLFPress and SteveAtLFPress is the accounts that you can chat with the people there. Maybe Twitter should charge the Free Press to stop other people from having a name that follows that convention and maybe more to stop anyone from using lfpress in a user name at all! Just a random idea I had, I could probably think it through and fire a bunch of holes in the idea, but such is brainstorming!So guys just give me 1% for the first year and the idea is yours! Ah hell let me know your going to use it then blog about me being the spark for the idea and link me! The traffic is worth more!