Podcasting in 2.0

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Back when I first got into podcasting, very early on, every podcaster did whatever they could to make their audio files as small as possible. We did this to cut down on the server space needed to host our shows and the bigger problem was to save on bandwidth costs.We didn’t have services like Libsyn that gave you unmetered space to use. We had to worry about either getting our service turned off or getting a GIANT overage bill.Those days are long gone, we have Libsyn as well as other host that will give bandwidth free or so close to free that it isn’t a concern.


What people are worrying about now is bandwidth caps on you home and mobile connections. The home connection still isn’t that big a deal unless your watching a lot of high definition content but mobile could be of growing concern.Maybe it’s a bigger deal here in Canada but even on the most liberal plane, Rogers 6GB on the iPhone, and applications like RSS Player are causing us to use more bandwidth while on the go.

What I Want To Know

I got to thinking on the drive home today, should we as content producers start to think about how we can wrap our contnet into a smaller package again?