Too Much Content For One Blog


Photo Credit jordandouglas


It’s seams that some of the bigger group blogs are starting to get too much content. It’s becoming a mess, to the point where I think it’s hurting them.


Just last week (maybe longer ago) I found this great music blog NXEW. They have people all over Canada blogging about niche (indie) music at small venues in a variety of cities. I freaking LOVE it. Problem is I really can’t keep up to every post. You see while passively I’d love to hear about great new band X’s show in Vancouver last night. Realistically I’d like to read about it when I have time, not in my feed reader 5 minutes after it’s published. What I want to hear about is the John Doe and The Sadies show at Call the Office on the weekend.

One Solution

I don’t want to see these groups fragment to smaller blogs, I think having all the content on one domain is useful. I think that one of the best and simple solutions is to setup a variety of feeds. One with everything so those who want it all can get it, and other based on location or genre, etc.


Maybe a platform like WordPress MultiUser is in order!