I run into this all too often. I buy something from you, or just as simple as sign up for your newsletter and I’m on your list. Some time later I decide I’d like off the list. Great there’s a handy unsubscribe button in the email. I think I’m all set but…You need a username and password to “update your profile settings” to stop the email. WHY???It’s always some weird domain to login to and, when you try and reset the password, that email takes a day to get in. By then you’ve forgotten why you even were doing it in the first place!It shouldn’t be that hard to simply get off the list. Just removing that address isn’t  a huge security threat. I’m not trying to buy something without a password here. It’s just a list. There is more value to making simple options easy and accessible then one more address on the list and it’s not worth filters getting trained to mark your messages as spam.Bottom Line, don’t frustrate your “customers.” You can’t afford that anymore. Everyone has a voice and they are willing to use it!