You Can’t Change Everyone, You’ve Got To Change Yourself

Reading a lot of blogs and listen to a great number of podcasts, specifically in this case the London Free Press Reader Rant Line, I hear a lot of people complaining about how this is crazy and so and so can’t do that. They seam mad at the world for keeping them down.The first caller in the last Reader Rant Podcast, episode 24, was mad that the Secondary Teachers got a better deal then the Elementary Teachers did. His call I’m guessing was before the union settled the last deal not to long ago, and he seamed almost militant in his attitude to going on strike. I actually called in a response, you’ll probably be able to hear it next week if you listen. My point to him, and I’m going to suggest it to everyone else, is that he’s not going to change the system. What he can change is himself! He can spend a little time to go back and take some classes and upgrade his teachers certificate so that he can teach Secondary School and thus get under the same union contract!To apply this to you, if you don’t like what you see at work you can change jobs, it may be hard right now but THERE IS ALWAYS JOBS OPEN! You just have to want it more AND make yourself so valuable that anyone would be crazy not to hire you. I’ve always thought that you should NEVER stop learning, and as employers you should never hamper an employees desire to learn. Sure they may become more valuable outside you company and leave, but the gain for the time they are with you and the reputation that you will gain for fostering this activity is well worth it.There are a lot of things in your life that you can change by changing yourself! Got any examples of something you’ve done? How about a problem we can help you find a change for?