CastRoller Launched!

CastRoller Home PageA good friend of mine, Will Spaetzel just launched his new website, CastRoller is an online podcast management tool that has a lot of cool features that makes listening to to podcasts a lot more social. On CastRoller, you can see what your friends are listening to using your “homepage” a lot the same way the Facebook News Feed works. You can also share podcast episodes with your friends by clicking on one “Share” button. And all of your contacts will receive the episode in their CastRoller inbox. Plus, if they’ve added the RSS feed for the inbox to iTunes, they’ll automatically have the episode downloaded right to their iPod.I’ve spend a lot of time helping Will out with the site, and am very excited about this launch. I hope that lots of people start using the site so that we can start to really take advantage of the social aspects of the site.You can view my profile, and add me as a contact, on CastRoller at And you can also watch the help videos I recorded for CastRoller here: