First Impressions of the iPad

So far the iPad is one slick device. The keyboard dock makes it very compelling as a laptop travel replacement. I’ve actually been using it that way at work for most of my email and a lot of blogging!Spell check is genius. It should have been on the iPhone from the start, so much so that I’ve had it thorough a jailbreak for a long time.It is however one heavy unit. That is part of the reason I still like my Kindle for actual book reading. I’ve found that after about twenty minutes of reading, while holding the iPad without resting it on anything it starts to wear on the hands and arms.I also think as a book reader there are two other issues. One is that the screen hurts my eyes, especially in the dark. I’m OKay reading email and feeds on it, it the long term page after page reading of a book that gets to my eyes. It also does to much. Too many distractions that just are not there on the Kindle. I used to think a clock on the Kindle would be nice but I kind of like that it’s not there to distract from the mission when picking up the Kindle. Neither points are a big deal, don’t get me wrong I love the iPad. It just isn’t a book reader replacement for me.While I was first setting up the iPad I did find the App compatibility frustrating. One app doesn’t work at all, some work with scaling, some are universal and some are iPad only. Just sorting it out is a job, don’t know how this can be made easier. I also think there are some apps that are not universal that are a rip off. The iPad version doesn’t add functionality but you have to pay, often more, to get a version that works. This isn’t Apples fault but cmon guys, give me something extra or make it free.There are a lot of things about this thing that are just magic! It’s an amazing device in a lot of ways. I’ll be working on some write ups of some of the things I’ve learned. I can do a lot of neat tricks mashing up a few apps and other tools that I’m looking forward to sharing. Probably in the near future so stay tuned.