Five Smells Tag

I’ve finally got a chance to put together some real blog posts! First off this should have been done last week. I’ve been tagged by Mona for this Five Smells BlogTag, which is kinda cool when ya think about it, the topic is far different then most other’s I’ve seen. Anyways I never good at these things but here goes.
1) Red Wine, I could spend all day with a glass of wine and never drink it, ya your right thats bull I’d drink it!
2) Nature, especially after it’s rained. I love the outdoors and maybe it has something to do with me just getting back from camping
3) Diesel Engines, it sounds weird but I love the smell of buses and trucks, not the exhaust just the general smell of the vehicle
4) The New Car Smell, comon doesn’t everyone love it?
5) New Electronics, the new computer smell is every geeks dream!

Ok so now I tag Titus, Charlotte, Sean and Chel Pixie