How Twitter Just Became Useless To Me!

I just went to the Twitter site to send a Direct Message to Will and noticed a new bit of text in the right hand info bar that said “Received SMS 250/250.” The “Received SMS” bit was a link so I clicked it. I now am looking at this page that tells me that I can only receive 250 SMS messages a week. I can send as many updates as I want but twitter will only send me 250 messages. I don’t know how many updates you see, and a while back I paired down the list of people that I follow that twitter will actually send me an SMS from but I still burn through 250 messages mostly before I get up on Sunday morning! I understand all the reasons behind why they do it. The cost of sending the sheer number of messages they do must be crazy and I know they are being blocked by carriers all over but is there not another answer? Here is a great statement right from their Phone/IM Setup page “Twitter really shines when you’re away from your computer. By hooking up your mobile phone, you can receive updates from those you’re following…” That is exactly it for me. If I can’t receive SMS updates Twitter is 90% useless to me. Looking deeper in that help page I notice “Those who send and receive messages over one of our national short codes (like 40404 in the US or 21212 in Canada) may send and receive unlimited updates per week.” I use the short code, I have since they set it up in Canada, so I don’t know whats up but I sent in a support ticket and I’ll keep you updated!