I don’t have a Title. I can’t think of one!

I’ve felt a bit funny since PodCamp and I think it’s noticable. I’ve just been wrapped up in the community and the “romance” that is this “new media” thing! I’ve havn’t been able to focus right at work and it’s a good thing it is our off season as it could have a big impact. I can’t quite explain how I feel. It’s kinda weird. I love the idea of quiting my job and finding something to do online, I would have to move but I probably could stay in the London area. I’m sure I could find work if I really wanted to but I know it’s just not going to happen, being from a family business and an integral part of the day to day operation here at my office as well as three others we have in SW Ontario. Most anyone who reads this probably won’t have this view of me as when I am dealing with you I feel better. Wow now I’m thinking I sound kinda bipolar eh? Maybe it’s just that I did go on vacation this year or maybe I’m still on a low from the PodCamp energy! Anyways I won’t bore you with anymore as I’m only doing this to try and make myslef feel better.