I Hate Airline Travel

I wrote this, pen on paper, sitting on the plain, I know I shouldn’t complain about vacation but I felt like crap. You’ll probably be able to tell!.The worst part of travel is always getting home. I’m always in a bad mood and wish it would just be over. The only few things keeping me going right now are the free “glass” of wine they offer with lunch, which have been getting better then in the past, and the knowledge that in a few hours I’ll be home! Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing new places, I’m just more of a home body. Usually after three or four I’m ready for home. I’ve also never been a big fan of crowds, I hate mall’s at Christmas or big cities..While on the plane I inevitable get stuck in front of the kid who is sick and crying all the way home and behind the guy who slams his seat back at the worst time, taking up the little space the airlines have left me with. It’s not easy for a guy my size to do much other then sit motionless in my seat. Thank God for iPods! In my opinion I think there should be a ban on reclining seat on all airplanes. I personally refuse to recline my seat for the comfort and respect for the person seated behind me, regardless of what happens in front of me. My only hope is that some day this will catch on!.