Like Fluid Through the Digital Sea

Everyone and their brother wants to define Social Media, New Media and Web 2.0. I can’t stand how much focus is put on that one simple question. Can we please forget “What is Social Media?”?The point I want to make comes from an observation that I’ve made from watching folks on both sides of the Digital Native divide.On the Native side, folks just “get it.” With each new tool they quickly and efficiently learn how things work and what button X does and how to fully utilize the tools.On the other hand (what do/should we call this? Paper Native?) you watch people deal with a new facebook account and watching is like pulling teeth. Seams like their afraid to click a link for fear of spontaneous combustion!What it all comes down to if fluidity. Folks who get it move like fluid through the digital sea. Is that where the “Surf the Web” line came from? The ability to adapt to the change in tide, to know that googling “facebook login” MAY not get you to the login page for facebook.