Make Money Two Ways

Listening to the new podcast Media Hacks, as their calling it, temporarily over on the Six Pixels of Sepetarion Podcast feed for now and I’ve had a thoughts (isn’t that usually the way I come up with things).They talk about people getting paid for writing a blog post on some subject. If that’s your bag, cool for you, I likely won’t be reading. That is one way, as I see that almost the same as writing a blog and selling ads on the page, to make money from blogging. The other way, the way Mitch does it, is because people want to use his company to help them after reading what he shares on his blog. Sure they could implement the tips themselves, but every company is different and they are hiring him, or his firm rather, to get their knowledge customized to fit that specific need.Now the point that they never brought up is that Mitch can’t sell a post or ads on his site. Under that method of “monetization,” using the blog to make money else where, you loose credibility by selling a blog post.Go check out this episode and watch for the announcement of it’s own site/feed and I highly recommend subscribing to that. Chris, Julien and Mitch kill in this episode and they are planning on having CC, Hugh, and Mr. Penn or in the future.