Making The Most

So I came to the conclusion about how much I like to make the most out of everything I’m involved in. Be it  a trip, a project or a conference. I guess especially in my podcast community I may have a bit of a reputation when it comes to the “night life” as well as it getting me into some trouble at home.See this came to mind the other day. I’ve been thinking about a weekend vacation to Montreal for a while. The problem is I wanna meet up with friends, some podcast/social media types, as well as have some time with just Michelle and I. I know what reaction I’ll get, likely a roll of the eyes when I mention an evening with the folks I know there. Her idea is that we should be spending the weekend doing cool things just the two of us. I know she probably right, I just have a hard time traveling all that way and not getting a chance to chat with people I know there.I don’t want you to get the idea that I, or you if you’re the same, should change. This can be a great quality. I just have realize that there is a time and place, and sometimes I have to step back and slow down.