New Game of Blog Tag: 7 Songs

Ok Jay tagged me to play the blog tag for my 7 favorite songs. It’s a bit tough for me to pick only 7 songs so I made a quick smart playlist that was not that accurate but it did help get a starting place. Sorry on the one is PodSafe but in all fairness only John Mayer and Great Big Sea are tracks released after the whole podcasting and podsafe revolution started.1) John Mayer – Waiting On The World to Change – I figure he is one of the best Guitarist around today.2) Uncle Seth – If I Laugh – Not just cuz Jay tagged me it is a wicked song to grove to.3) The Tragically Hip – New Orleans Is Sinking – “Up To Here” is still their best album4) Barenaked Ladies – What A Good Boy – It was either this or Brian Wilson cuz I grew up on “Gordon”5) Garth Brooks – Rodeo – Again so many great tracks to choose from but I can really relate to this sometimes.6) Kenny Chesney – How Forever Feels – This meant a ton to me during that awkward time in High School.7) Great Big Sea – The Mermaid – Just a great song to sing along to!Now the question is who do I tag? I think I’ll start with Mark Blevis and Bob Goyetche then EDIT: (remove BryPer) and Julien Smith would be interesting to hear from! Finally I’ll include a new acquaintance online from the London Bloggers crowd Titus Ferguson.