Promotion Vs. Projects

I’m starting to realize that people can the tagged the two main tags.The first group are the self promoters. They have no problem boasting about themselves. About how many followers they have. They spend all their time to boost their chosen metric by any means necessary. Leads to short term gain, often a bunch of money too, but it’s short lived. I’ve seen these folk come and go. This weeks top hit for “SEO Guru’s” blog 404’s next month.The second don’t self promote. They don’t care about how many followers they have, or subscribers to their blog. Instead they choose to just focus on doing cool things and let the promotion work itself out. They let someone else pass on word of the cool new project and endlessly devote their passion to the cause. They are the real doers and the folks I admire. You can usually pick one out, they’re often the ones fuming over the person from group one’s latest buzz word filled self promoting title!I prefer to think of myself in the second group but… ?Hate that this kinda seams like a group one style post but I had to make the statement. Also I’m not saying that you should tell people about you latest cool project or write a blog post about what you’re working on. The promotion just shouldn’t be the point, the cool stuff should be!