So I’ve made a pile of changes.First, I’ve decided to give the Nexus One a real go. For the past couple day’s it’s been the only phone I carry. I’ll probably keep it up for a week or so. I really want to like it I just have a lot of my life set up on the iPhone. I just figure I should give it a fair shake since I have the phone and all. So far so good, I’ve found a good set of apps to replace the stuff I really miss on the iPhone. The only thing I find lacking is a notes app that syncs to the cloud and multiple Macs. Got a suggestion? I do really want that Kindle App I’ve heard about and I’d be over joyed if I had the 2.2 update pushed to me! Oh, and I find I spend less time on the phone, just less to do. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, I can probably stand to spend less time connected!Second, I’ve jumped to Chrome as my browser. Nothing against Firefox, I’m just loving the speed. Part of that move also means I bit the bullet and stopped using delicious for ALL my bookmarks. I’ve done the export and pulled them all into Chrome. I kind of liked having them all, or mostly, public but I doubt to many people actually used my sharing. The syncing features of Chrome seam to work great to keep all my Mac’s up to date, just the same as I had set up on Firefox, all I really want now is a 1Password plugin to make my logins easier!Third. In light of all the privacy concerns surrounding Facbook, I’ve spent a bunch of time sorting out my friends list and setting group so I can pick who can see what. I removed a lot of people and cleaned up my profile. I’ve never been all that concerned with the privacy stuff my self, I tend to not put anything in networks that I wouldn’t tell someone I’ve just met over a beer. I think I’ve got it to the point where there is actually some value in using Facebook and I might actually spend some time there!Lastly, I upgraded to the latest version of TweetDeck. I’ve always like TweetDeck and I think they’ve knocked it out of the park with this last release. With my cleaned up Facebook account in there and the Google Buzz integration I think I can better keep on top of the info from the folks I care to follow!So, how are you improving your online existence?PS: #GDLDN moved! We’re at Gigs now, info on the meetup site