Timothy Pilgrim’s Accident

I saw on Twitter when we were on the boat that Tim had an accident and we wanted to find out more about it and make sure he was OK so I DM’d him and below is the response I got.”I t-boned a car at low speed today in a small town near my house. Itpulled out from my right to go in the opposite direction that I wastravelling. I grabbed a fistfull of front brake and locked up my fronttire, then released just before impact. Witnesses say I went 15ft upin the air and landed 50 ft on the other side of the car. My helmetput a nice big hole in the windshield, though there’s nothing butminor scratches on the helmet. I think my left shoulder dislocated onimpact, where I lay face down. Fortnately, aside from soft tissuedamage round my upper torso, that’s all that’s wrong with me. I’m soreas hell though, left arm in a sling, right shoulder very painful, butI’m able to type all this with my right hand. Got Percocet whichshould help. Bike’s totalled, but I haven’t spoken with State Farmyet.Incapacitatedly yours,Tim”Isn’t new media great!