Twitter Intenship (Twintership) all Cons

In my opinion tweeting from an intern’s Cons outweigh the Pro’s. They just don’t know enough about your “brand” (company). They’re not plugged into the stream of info enough to have the goods and to know what they SHOULDN’T be tweeting! My other point is that they will not be building a connection that will be a lasting one.
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Tweeting your way into a Twinternship

So what’s a Twintern you say? Essentially, a Twintern is an intern, typically a university or college student, who is hired to be the official Twitter spokesperson and brand ambassador for a given company. A Twintern is in charge of reporting company happenings, as well as joining, actively participating in, and establishing online communities for a company’s brand.
Many businesses, especially ones without a definitive social media strategy or communications plan in place, are hiring twinterns to be their new media be all end alls. Twintern job descriptions encapsulate pretty much everything dealing with the social media sphere, including: influencer outreach, monitoring/metrics and crisis communications all in one.
I finish this post by reaching out and asking you, have you ever had any experience(s) with twinterns or twinternships? If you have, I’d love to get your feedback on your personal experiences—what worked, what didn’t and what you learned!
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