Why You Should Join Every New Site?

So FriendFeed just opened up and there has been a flood of people heading over and adding all their friends. Every time this happens questions fly about why we have to create a profile and add all the same friends. I know and agree that things like OpenSocial would help, believe me I have a profile on so many sites. How much time do we spend setting them up and entering our info? I’ll tell you why I do this, there are two basic reasons..The first is pretty simple, I love playing with new site and services. I like to know whats out there and seeing what I can do with these things. Sure some are useless or just something neat to play with for a while but every once and a while you find a site that is amazingly useful and will change the way you use the internet and maybe even change your life!.But thats just me, if thats a good enough reason for you to do the same please feel free, most sites allow you to play with no cost so why not. The real reason I think you should be on every service is for the very fact that not everyone does it. Every time I join a site I find all the people I already know and connect with but I also try to find new people that aren’t on another service I use. The search works different everywhere so on one site you can find people by say location and the next by their interests that match yours. I also find I get “friend requests” from people I don’t even know and may never have found me and connected with otherwise. If you want to just connect with friends you already have them cool, pick a place and do it but if your aim is to get yourself out there and actually be Social in this age of Social Media the you must join every thing!.By the way, if you want to add the on FriendFeed I’m billdeys, same as everywhere else. You can also check the right side bar for other ways to connect with me!