Country Music Cast 37

Okay, I’m just back from PodCamp Toronto and I had a blast. I had time to record so I did! The sound was off on this so I’m sorry but I recorded like a dozen times and I’m fed up so here it is. It’s all Sean McGaughey! He opened the show at C’est What and for me, as much as Unlce Seth rocked and +Nurse did real well, he stole the show. I had to grab an album! Anyways I’ll let the audio do the rest and hope it conveys my enthusiasm!

  1. The Future Aint What it Used To Be
  2. For the Sake of the Song
  3. The Duct Tape Song

Again all tracks are by Sean McGaughey. He is also on the PMN so if you are a podcaster go play some of his stuff and figure out how to buy an album!