Bell FTW (Well Sort Of)

They still suck but Bell has an opportunity to kill after what I consider a total blunder with the iPhone. I hope Bell carries over the data plan to the Balckberry’s and maybe even opens up to more free use of their network.
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The smartphone that has been hailed as “the iPhone killer” by online pundits is coming to Canada on Aug. 8.
The Samsung Instinct, which has many of the same features as the Apple iPhone, differs from the iPhone in one major way: Its monthly price plan, which will dramatically undercut the iPhone plan announced last week by Rogers Wireless.
A subscriber can buy the Instinct for as low as $149.95 and then pay less than $40 a month for a modest voice plan accompanied by an unlimited data plan on Bell’s high-speed data network.
In contrast, Rogers Wireless’s cheapest iPhone plan costs $60 per month, and includes only 400 megabytes of data.
Like Rogers, Bell Mobility offers a variety of voice plans, but asks $10 a month for the unlimited data plan, applicable to all smartphone models carried by Bell. the plan includes Internet browsing, multimedia content, e-mail, GPS navigation, live and on-demand TV content, full song downloads, streaming radio and an impressive HTML Web experience.
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