DeysCast Feb 26 2007 – PodCamp TO Wrap Up

Most of the People Seen:

I know there should be more and I hope to add them later. Sorry if I forgot Email me and I’ll add you! This is not all the video’s I have from the event, but it’s most of it. It’s amazing what kind of stuff shows up on your camera when it gets passed around the room. There was some stuff that just wasn’t worth putting in and some stuff that the people on camera may not have wanted in (A lesson from Bob). I’m not sure if they may know that it was my camera! I kinda don’ mind either way. Anyways thanks to all the organizers, attendies, presentors and the folks from Ryerson for the great event. I already miss everyone. Hope to see everyone soon. Stay tunes later for an audio podcast I recorded on the way home!