Drive Away from MacBook Air

For some reason I really like these new MacBook Airs. On the logical side of my brain I know it’s less powerful then even the three year old MacBookPro I have on my desk. I almost never take a laptop with me, never when I travel to conferences, other places only when I’m going to be programming or editing Audio or Video.Still its hard not to hit the buy button. I’m going to need an upgrade to my main work machine soon. It still works I’m just way behind the curve on OSX (Leopard) and I’d rather upgrade the machine then do an OS update. I think I might go with a Mac Mini though. This thing never leaves my desk anyways.One big thing I have been thinking about on the new Airs though. I heard them say the storage is now “right on the board” rather then the traditional style of drive. My question is, can I remove the drive? From the internal images on the site it kinda looks like you can but it doesn’t say that. There are a lot of folks in the privacy game that would never touch a computer that they can’t take the drive out of when they sell it. I’d guess the smart way to build these things is to put the storage on a board like RAM so it’s easily swappable but I don’t see anything saying that!And you thought not being able the get at the battery was a problem!