More on Tim Hortons

So, as you may have guess I haven’t changed my Timmies Drive Thu habits! Why would I? Anyways I’ve noticed some big changes at them. At first I though it was people starting to avoiding the use, some people are sheep, and it probably is to some extent but I think it’s more to the fact of my recent experience..I pulled up as the one and only car left the lane, ordered and pulled ahead, as I got to the window two or three cars got in the line, before I left the window and drove around the building the first car behind me was leafing and that third car had finished ordering. When I had pulled up there was probably four people within a foo and a half of the window, the manager was handing me my coffee before I gave here the money, a BIG change from before, and she was yelling out the amount of money I gave her and had the change calculated in her head and almost back to me before my money hit the till..The whole think lasted half the time it would have taken in the past just to pay and get change, not even receiving my food yet! They have really concentrated on streamlining there, and I think it’s not a bad thing regardless..The other thing I noticed, and I may just have never noticed before, they had the lights out. All of them behind the counter and about half in the seating area. It was by no means dark, more then enough light to function as well as read the newspaper! It seams to me that the are really trying to ramp up and improve their environmental efforts! I’m all for it, in fact they’ve inspired me to shut off half the lights in my office!.You guys notice anything else?