My Weekend Project

So I had a little weekend project. I’ve been on the whole local and organic kick for the past while and you can’t get more local or organic then growing your own! Now my garden isn’t up and going yet, I had to do a little construction. Why? Well a few years back we tried a garden. We pulled up sod, put a little divider fence in, got a nice selection of stuff all planted, and… Well we have rabbit, we have pet rabbits but, they aren’t the problem. Our neighborhood is crawling with wild rabbits, and they loved our veggies. Might as well have set a table setting out for them! We tried marigolds to no avail. So I build a 4′ X 8′ wood frame, 1′ deep and put a 3′ removable fence around it. Hoping that will keep them out. Now I need to get a load of dirt to fill it up! I am going to cheat this year and get some veggies that have already sprouted but next year I’m going to do my homework over the winter and get things going early!My next step is to grab an old pool filter from for to convert to a rain barrel and plumb it up to the down spout and get a watering system hooked up! Pics of that when it’s in!