New Hydrogen Production Method Means Bye-Bye Oil?

I LOVE this, I’d totally spend a pile of money (note: I don’t really have a pile!) on a new Hydrogen car (truck). I’ve long thought Hydrogen should be the next auto fuel. I’ll be watching for new a hydrogen powered cars in the future, Oh HEY GM why don’t you call these guys? Maybe it’ll, or they’ll, help save you!
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Hydrogen’s promise as an incredibly useful fuel has long been known. It’s light, clean, non-polluting, and not overly difficult to produce. But researchers have recently cracked a new more effective method for producing the gas that’s likely to unlock its potential completely.

As part of an international collaboration, scientists in the University of Aberdeen have worked out a method for completely converting ethanol into hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Ethanol iself is produced by fermenting crops, and is thus carbon neutral–any carbon biproducts from using it are simply part of the normal environmental carbon cycle, unlike the greenhouse-gas effect of using fossil fuels.

But an electricity-generating proton-exchange membrane fuel cell, powered by hydrogen and oxygen gas, has one of the simplest, safest waste product you can imagine: water. And that’s a powerful argument for using such techology to power our vehicles and even gadgets and homes in the future.

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