Why I hadden’t switched to the Tag’s built into Core.

Finally I can switch to the Tag’s that are in the core of WordPress! I figured I’d find a plugin that would allow me to do this eventually and the day has come. I found a simple plugin called “WP Tags to Technorati” that links the text of the Tag line to the Technorati link for that tag! It’s such a simple thing and it SHOULD have been part of the core but it wasn’t. I’d bet in the future they will copy the code to core but for now it’s an easy install and setup. Some of you may ask why I want to use the Tag in Core so bad. My reason is so third party apps, like Flock which I’m using to write this as well as other desktop apps and web apps like Clipmarks, can now tag posts you make from them.

Blogged with Flock

Upon posting I find out that the tag’s that flock add automatically link to technorati but that do not add them to the tag database in your wordpress install. That sucks!