Why I’m not a Big Fan of FriendFeed

Mitch Joel on SPOS 111 had Bryan Person on talking about FriendFeed. A lot of people love the service and some think it’s going to be the next Twitter, maybe it will, I hope not. I’m not a big fan of FriendFeed. I agree with what Mitch was saying about it being an overload. That is my main problem with it. I like to have my email sit in one window, RSS in another, and Twitter like messages (short little blasts) in another. I think it’s kind of related to Jay Moonah‘s presentation at PAB talking about peoples expectations when they are consuming content. When I jump into the Twitter stream, I’m expecting quick little fast paced itmes to fly by. Easy, “Sanckable” bits! In Freind Feed it’s disrupts my flow to see blog posts to click over to and new flickr photos. The layout just seams scattered and over complicated, twitter makes it easier to skip the “New Blog Post:”‘s. Just my two cents!