A Lesson from Weezer: Mostly Just a REALLY Cool Video

First everyone has to watch the video, it’s awesome..Weezer cover Radiohead’s Creep, live in Portland from Dave Allen on Vimeo..OK so now the lesson. This is one of the big reasons why Weezer is kicking so much ass in a world where other bands aren’t doing so good (at least the wine and complain that their not). Let me ask you, if you got to play with a band what are the chances you won’t pay for the album or go see them in concert? Virtually none! And you don’t have to do this exact thing. Give some music away or, like the Pork and Beans video Weezer did, contribute something really cool to a community and make it inclusive. I’ll own up, I downloaded the Red Album the week before it came out. I wanted it real bad, BUT do you know what I did just after the release? I went and bought a copy. I’m more then willing to pay for music, just make me want to!.On a side note, I really hope that someone from or reperesenting Radiohead doesn’t have this taken down or file a law suit!