OK, you may not like what I have to say here, it’s a bit of a rant so…This is all to do with Social Media/Interactive/Blah Blah Blah “Professionals.”If you don’t have a blog why would anyone trust you.If your not the first Google result for your name, and in on the first page for some important keywords your not doing it right.If your using Blogger you need to move! There just aren’t enough options there.If you don’t have a domain name for your blog you don’t know how to own the content. I don’t care if you use TypePad or but, pay for a domain and pay them to use it! If you moveIf you don’t allow comments, or you moderate out any negative ones you don’t get the space.I’m sure there’s more, maybe I’ll update st some point but I’m done for now.</rant> And let the flame wars start in the comments below!