Three Types of People in Social Media

I was thinking about my experiences meeting and interacting with people both at events like Podcasters Across Boarders and Podcamps as well as at my local meetup here in London. In both cases I’ve run into what I think is three types of people..

Those Who Get It

.These people engage full on. They use the tools, mind you not nessicaraly all of them for one reason or another, but they use the tools none the less. They get the openness and how and why they share. They may not understand the full extent but the important thing is they TRY!.

Those That Don’t

.Either they don’t want to for fear of the technology or their privacy or they just can’t accept the openness of the movement..

Those That Think They Do

.These people use the tools but mostly for their own gain, and that being the sole reason for their efforts is not what it’s about. These people are the most dangerous to themselves, which I personally don’t care about, but more importantly to those that get it. They clutter up the space and give the rest of us a bad image. I don’t think most of them really understand what they are doing, some probably do but there they ones really abusing it!


Maybe there is more, I just haven’t noticed the suttle differences. I also in no way intend to piss people off with this post, it’s just an observations I’m making.