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I’d Switch…

The Fundamental Problems with Non iPhones | Tech Junkie:

I would gladly support the Android ecosystem again if someone would just give me a reason to.


… when someone build a phone that is better then the iPhone and fits into the iPhone shaped hole it would leave in my life. Just too many features for the competition to come up with solid option anytime soon and, by that time the iPhone will be even more awesome.

Competitive Apple

“does Apple need to release an iPhone 5 this year to remain competitive “

(Via With the iOS5 announcement, does Apple need to release an iPhone 5 this year to remain competitive with Android smartphones? – poll)

I know a lot of people are waiting to upgrade. Still don’t think the HAVE to but, they will.

P.S. When you put a poll with a question about Apple on Hacker News, no kidding you get anti-apple fan boys!

A Big Thing Android Got Right

If you’ve spent 2 minutes on an android phone you may have noticed that you have five home screens. The main screen, the one that the hone button gets you to is in the middle then you have two screens to either side. It seams kind of backwards at first but after a limited time on my Nexus One I’ve realized that its far better. You see it minimizes the number of screens you have to flip through to get to either end.I’ve already set up my iPhone sort of like that. Eight screens, main is the third, two to the left and four to the right. Double tap the home button jumps to the search so that isn’t an issue.I just need to find a jailbroken app that let’s me set the screen a single home button press goes to!