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New iOS App From Apple: Podcasts:

good for playback (including syncing your location in an episode between devices), good for discovery, good for automatically downloading new episodes

(Via Daring Fireball)

I’ve only had an initial look. From what I can see these are great features but, I can’t see how to add a podcast manually (need my CastRoller feeds) or import subscriptions. My guess is I can do this by syncing but that is most defiantly not post PC!

Not Good News

Deallocated Objects – The Case of Missing Podcasts in iOS 6:

An Apple-hosted Podcasts service could help to further blur the lines between professional and independent content providers, giving this type of content the same “bump” that indie developers got with App Store

(Via Marco.org)

IMO this would kill proper independent podcasts. Not actually but, we already fight with both new producers and non geek listeners to get them to realize that podcasting does not equal iTunes. My fear is Apple will make such a compelling platform true podcasts would be relegated to their own sort of dark net.


NYT: New iPad screen could be too good for the web:

Do they spend the extra cost to create, store and serve up retina-compatible images on their website or do they spend that money on a retina iPad app instead?

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW))

Spend the money on the web, I’ll never go to the NYT app for that content and those that do will still probably get directed to the web site via things link Twitter and other places, links, on the web. That will still show the ugly graphics. Spend the money first on the web, later on the app. To help bandwidth cost you could also selectively serve the retina graphics to the compatible devices.


With iMessage & notifications, OS X Mountain Lion looks more like iOS — Apple News, Tips and Reviews:

Apple’s desktop OS is starting to bear more than a passing resemblance to iOS, especially with the new incorporation of iOS features like iMessage, Game Center, Reminders and Notifications into the software.

They are continuing to blur the lines of OS X and iOS, as long as they don’t mess up the “power user abilities” (i.e., installing apps that aren’t from the app store) I couldn’t be happier!

Be In The Zone

How to optimize your caffeine intake with an app:

Caffeine Zone, a free iOS app that tells you the perfect time to take a coffee break to maintain an optimal amount of caffeine in your blood

(Via Hacker News)

Cool idea but, I dislike the idea of reliance on a stimulant to feel better. I drink a lot of coffee, mostly out of ritual and I REALLY like it. If they could make great decaf I’d probably drink it.

People, just be healthy and you’ll pretty much just always be in the zone!