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The Phil Burger from Molly Blooms

This is probably only funny to about 6 people but it Titus eating the giant “Phil Burger” from Molly Blooms at the London MeetUp. Thanks to Michael Krahn a fellow Londoner (sort of) for the music! http://titusferguson.com http://www.michaelkrahn.com/

This video was originally shared on blip.tv by billdeys with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

DeysCast April 15 2008

Almost light enough to shoot video at 6:30!

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And if your in London keep April 22 open, we may be having a coffee night, probably at Coffee Culture on Richmond!

Blogger/Podcaster Meetup Geek Dinner!

If you want to learn about Blogging, Podcasting, or anything else Media or just want to hang out and chat with people involved with the community come on out. We can help set up a blog or podcast or show you tips on how to improve. Any level of know how or experience is welcome. Bring a laptop if you have one, Molly’s has FREE Wi-Fi!.Molly Blooms700 Richmond StWed. April 2nd @ 7:30PM-whenever.FacebookUpcomingEventfulMeetup.

Clip to Twitter

So I love using Clipmarks and I am just addicted to Twitter and I wanted a way for my “clips” to be posted to twitter without having to copy the info and the like and pasting it into a tweet. Now Clipmarks has a great feature to allow you to clip-to-blog which if you have looked at any of my site I use quite frequently! They also have a neat feature that will post links to del.icio.us, as well as other services. I figured they probably already had the idea but I Im’d Eric Skiff anyways to let him know and he confirmed that they had bee talking about it but he also reminded me of another way that this can be accomplished. Clipmarks generates an RSS feed for just about any list on their site, your clips, your pops, your clippers clips, you get the point. You can of course grab the feed for which ever page you want and use TwitterFeed to publish that to your Twitter page. Now in a case where you have multiple twitter accounts for different purposes, I have my personal account and one from BlogLDN, you can take advantage of Clipmarks tags and use the feed for that tag to post and because TwitterFeed uses a different login for each feed you give it there is no end to the number of combinations you can use. Thanks to Eric for pointing that out and the guys at Clipmarks and Twitter for the services!

Geek Dinner in London

So I want to try and set up a dinner. First thing I guess we need is a date. My thoughts are that a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night would be best. I figure that because most venues wouldn’t be real busy and I think most people can make that sort of a commitment. I do realize that it may result in people going home earlier as they will have to be up for work but I do too and it won’t stop me. We could change this if we come to a consensus. Next is a venue. Anyone have an idea for a place that we can get a bit of our own space, out of the way of other patrons? Another asset to a venue would of course be Wi-Fi. There would probably be a lot of things traded off (like food and seating, but not drinks) to get some Internet Access! Then of course who is going to come. I guess upcoming.org or MeetUp would be a good place to start but of course anyone, registered or not, would be welcome. Then we have to get the word out. So start posting to your Blogs, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Jaiku, where ever you can. Let’s get something started! By the way April 6-9 is no good for me as I will be attending PodCamNYC!