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See You on The Internets

A funny thing happens when you leave a lunch meeting, meetup, or conference with a bunch of podcasters. Normally, in non social media (read geek) circles, you’d say goodbye to all your friends and make plans to get together again sometime. But leaving a social media gathering it’s a different good bye. You don’t have to arrange anything, usually by the time you get home, sometimes even before, the conversation continues online, or via mobile..It happens on Twitter, Plurk, Identi.ca, Facebook, wherever but it continues. It happens before a particular meeting too, your chatting about things that you’d like to get more in depth about, or gadgets that someone has that you’d like to see. The nature of connection has changed, it’s much more fluid now..By the way, if you’d like to meet some cool people and your in the Niagara region, or would like to make a trip there, come out to the Niagara Meetup Aug 16th. I’ll be presenting a bit on video online and there is going to a bunch of other really great sessions. The area is full of other things to do. I’ll be up on the Friday before till Sunday, and I’m hoping to get to some of my favorite wineries with some of you cool people. Bring your whole family too, there is plenty to do. You can go to http://niagarameetup.org/ or follow @niagaraotl2008 on Twitter. Hope to see you there!