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Deys.ca From April 28 2005

I’ve been surfing through the WayBack Machine over on Archive.org and having some fun checking out what sites looked like in days and years past. I figured I’d check to see what they had on record for deys.ca and it was kinda cool to see what I was doing back in 2005. You can go over and check it out, there is proof of the date I published my first podcast and see some other things I was interested in at the time. I guess I started podcasting on March 29 2005 but I don’t have that testCast anywhere I can find. For a long time I’ve thought that my first publication was the 31 as that was the first bit of audio I have. If I remember correctly the testcast didn’t make it into the feed properly, as there was no enclosure tags and no site software at the time supported them, but I updated it shortly after by running it through feedburner. It seams like so long ago but it was only two years. My have we come a long way!Deys.ca From 2005

DeysCast May 17 2007

I was inspired today so I’m calling this a DeysCast for the 17 of May.The topic of this episode comes from Mitch Joel from Twist Image and the Six Pixels Of Separation Podcast. Specifically Show 51. Basically a business should hire people who are openly critical of them so they can help make them better.Feedback Email: feedback@deys.caVoicemail: 206-666-4CMC (262)Forums: http://podcastforum.ca/deyscastRSS: http://feeds.feedburner.com/deyscast

Podpress Problem

Well the problems continued. Thanks Cat for the tip off that the shows were not being linked to from my site and in my feeds. The problem was the version of PodPress I was using had abug that would not post the enclosure info. I took the info and looked like it was doing the right thing on the admin end but after posting POOF it was gone. They have a new version up already that I installed and it seams to be working. Stay tuned for a new DeysCast tomorrow (hopefully!) and who knows when we’ll see a CMC.