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Dumbing Users Down

“It’s hard to say, but one thing is for sure. The ‘thumbs up/like’ but­ton is dumb­ing us down. It has killed crit­i­cal think­ing and mean­ing­ful dis­cus­sions in the com­ments.”

(Via How the Thumbs Up/Like Button is Dumbing Users Down – UX Movement.)

I see value in having the buttons on outside sites. For instance if I put a Facebook like button on my blogposts it will get shared to the users friends on Facebook. Getting ideas in front of new people, that’s a really good thing.

Internally on Facebook and YouTube it just promotes trolling for likes, that’s where I agree 100%.

No Submission

It kinda tricks me every time I go to post a reply but I love that facebook has gotten rid of the submit button when you’re posting a comment in your news feed.


Just type your message and hit enter!

Sparrow announces new features

“Sparrow promises some future Twitter and LinkedIn integration. Clearly Sparrow isn’t just a Gmail client, it is becoming a powerful messaging and context platform in itself.”

(Via Sparrow announces new features at TechCrunch Disrupt.)


Love Sparrow, not 100% behind the idea of any sort of social inbox. Facebook mail is obvious, and support for Twitter DM’s only in an app is very appealing.  I think it would help make people view Twitter as a real form of communication rather then another broadcast mechanism that some see now.

(And Yeah, I kinda hate that I’m linking to something related to TechCrunch)

Facebook on the iPhone Bug

My sister in law was over yesterday. She grabbed my phone, jumped into the Facebok App, signed me out, signed in, messages friends, etc. Signed out at the end and left. Today I sign into the app, up comes the News Feed, I swear it’s not my news feed.

Double checked it was my account, yep it was. Back to news feed, not mine, seams to be hers. Goto the friends list, its mine, everything else seams to be mine except the News Feed.

It even updates with her content. I can even tap on friends, see their info, see friends in common, shows my sister is law.

So I log me out, log back in, its all working as normal now.

Somebody should be looking into this!

Finding You Sherpa

I’ve heard a lot of people who are becoming the “social media professional” at their place of employment because they are already on Twitter or have had a blog for a while and I’m not on board with this attitude.Sure they might be the most knowledgeable person around but they may not be the right person for the job. Now I have to say that sure everyone has a different opinion as to what each company should be doing in the social media space but there are a lot of right and wrongs for everyone.I do believe that anyone who is going to be the go to person for social media should have a blog, be on facebook and use Twitter but this does not a social media Sherpa make.I’ve had some discussions with people to try and come up with a way to qualify people and it’s not an easy task to accomplish. There are a lot of snake oil salespeople out there as well as a lot of people that deserve a lot more attention for what they are doing. The big question is how can we make it easy for those looking for a little help in this space to find the person who is right for them?

CastRoller Launched!

CastRoller Home PageA good friend of mine, Will Spaetzel just launched his new website, CastRoller.com. CastRoller is an online podcast management tool that has a lot of cool features that makes listening to to podcasts a lot more social. On CastRoller, you can see what your friends are listening to using your “homepage” a lot the same way the Facebook News Feed works. You can also share podcast episodes with your friends by clicking on one “Share” button. And all of your contacts will receive the episode in their CastRoller inbox. Plus, if they’ve added the RSS feed for the inbox to iTunes, they’ll automatically have the episode downloaded right to their iPod.I’ve spend a lot of time helping Will out with the site, and am very excited about this launch. I hope that lots of people start using the site so that we can start to really take advantage of the social aspects of the site.You can view my profile, and add me as a contact, on CastRoller at http://castroller.com/billdeys. And you can also watch the help videos I recorded for CastRoller here: http://castroller.com/help/gettingstarted

See You on The Internets

A funny thing happens when you leave a lunch meeting, meetup, or conference with a bunch of podcasters. Normally, in non social media (read geek) circles, you’d say goodbye to all your friends and make plans to get together again sometime. But leaving a social media gathering it’s a different good bye. You don’t have to arrange anything, usually by the time you get home, sometimes even before, the conversation continues online, or via mobile..It happens on Twitter, Plurk, Identi.ca, Facebook, wherever but it continues. It happens before a particular meeting too, your chatting about things that you’d like to get more in depth about, or gadgets that someone has that you’d like to see. The nature of connection has changed, it’s much more fluid now..By the way, if you’d like to meet some cool people and your in the Niagara region, or would like to make a trip there, come out to the Niagara Meetup Aug 16th. I’ll be presenting a bit on video online and there is going to a bunch of other really great sessions. The area is full of other things to do. I’ll be up on the Friday before till Sunday, and I’m hoping to get to some of my favorite wineries with some of you cool people. Bring your whole family too, there is plenty to do. You can go to http://niagarameetup.org/ or follow @niagaraotl2008 on Twitter. Hope to see you there!

Face Time

Wow this is an old one but time isn’t relevant..

The Seed

.As I’m in Ottawa for a table top show I began thinking about just how valuable it is to meet face to face and shake hands. In a business with four locations spread across south western Ontario people here keep asking us why people from all four locations are here when we all do the same thing. The way the business are set up is different then most, each location operates as a separate business, if you order from a location they are the ones who ship, bill and look after the order. Pick who you want to deal with based on what you need. Do you want to deal with one because of past relationships? Great! Is on location better for you for shipping or picking up? Excellent! As for why we are all here, those past relationships can only truly be built upon face to face. As humans we don’t get the same feeling talking over the phone and yes video calls are great but it’s still not the same..

What this means to you as a Social Media person.

.Now we in Social Media have amazing connections because we all use these multimedia forms of communications. Thats all fine and well bit it’s still not the same as an actual face to face meeting. Ever heard about how all the great stuff and conferences happens in the hall ways. Expos, I’ve been to more then a few for my industry, are basically just one big series of hallways..

So what is my advice?

.In the Social Media scene, first and easiest thing is to get out to a local meetup. Use Facebook Event, Upcoming.org, eventful and meetup.com to search for one. If there isn’t one in your area, START ONE! Sure for a while it might be just a couple of people but that connection alone is amazing. I’m great Friends with some of the people who were at my local meetup from the begining. If you all do a good job using all the platforms to get the word out you’ll see it will grow! (Tip: TwitterLocal is an amazing way to find local twitter users!) To go one step further go to your nearest podcamp, it may involve a bit of travel but it’ll be well worth it. I’ve also found that presenting, no matter how simple that presentation may be, is a great way of making connections. After your presentation, stick around in the room, or just outside it in the hall, and talk to the people that were there. Take their questions, and more importantly ask some too. Be sure to get some sort of contact info from them, and give yours, as well..

Outside The Social Scene

.Find the events where your industry meet, industry magazines is a good place to start, and get out to them. It’s a little steeper step to start an Industry Association but by all means don’t let that stop you. Aside from googleing others in your area there isn’t much more to it then that! Although from experince unless you live in a major city larger expos and conferences may force you to travel, but hey it’s business so warm up your expense card!


In Summary

.As uncomfortable as it may be get out there and meet people it is the best way to connect. So get to it!

Facebook opening for Search

I read a bunch of reports, Mashable has a good article on it, that Facebook will be opening it’s users profiles to search sites such as Google and Yahoo. It’s confirmed when you log in now by the box at the top of your home page, not your profile page, telling you to update your privacy terms. You can block this if you want or at least limit what searches can find. I have no problem with my Facebook profile being indexed, my theory is if you don’t want the information out there don’t post it on the internet, it’s never 100% safe! The problem I have is Facebook has a ton of Google Juice! You can bet in no time if someone searches for you your Facebook profile is going to come up first. It’s great to help people to find you, but I still prefer my own site to be the first result! Whats your opinion?

Hey Facebook, OPEN UP!

I been hanging out on Group in Facebook a bit more then I have ever before. The group is “Bloggers of Canada“, go join there if you like, it’s been growing pretty quickly and there is some great value in the discussion. I don’t know why but this if the first group I’ve really been active on, just kinda happened that way. A few things I have found there have been annoying me and some other people. Chris Brogan has posted a few times about it and I suggest that you go read him for far better coverage.What i can’t stand having to go back and check on the discussion boards. I can never keep track of new posts and new members. They need to use RSS so I can subscribe to a number of feeds and make sure I never miss a thing. If I could subscribe to a feed for new posts on the discussion boards, one for the new members and one for new “recent news” items I could stay on top of things far more effectivly AND I would be back on their site more often to post replies. What they don’t get is the only group I keep up with is the Canadian Bloggers because the way they make me use the site is limiting what I can keep up with. There is a lot happening in the other groups that I would love to participate in and through RSS I could but they dont allow it.One other thing that I’d like to make quick note of is the amount of data the collect and keep. There has been a big buzz around the net about it. I don’t mind them knowing stuff about me but I should be able to delete EVERYTHING easily. Acording to Steven Mansour it is extremely far from it. Here is what I suggest they do is allong with the option to deactivate your account, which I think is kind of handy, they should allow you to DELETE you account which will dump everybit of data they have on you! Just my two cents, what do you think?